The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

Experience the ultimate New Year’s Eve party venue where it’s all about glitz, glamour and having a good time. Don’t miss the countdown to midnight at Magic Lounge Club.

Seated tickets for this special event are just 80€ per person and include entrance, a reserved seat and 60€ drinks credits to spend on the night.

Standing only tickets are only 25€ and include your entrance plus your first drink.

Private VIP tables are available for groups of four to six people and are priced at 500€ for entrance, a reserved VIP table plus 400€ drinks credits.

Our private Belvedere area holds up to 15 people and costs 1500€. This price includes entrance for up to 15 people, your own private VIP area plus 1200€ to spend on drinks credits during the event.

If you are dining at one of our Venture Restaurants beforehand you can purchase a Venture Friends standing only ticket for just 15€ per person. This ticket includes your entrance as well as your first drink.

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