Complete Night With Our Restaurants

Being a part of the prestigious Venture Restaurants group, we can offer a lot more than just drinks.

With 4 of our restaurants Bianco, Imperial Tai-Pan, Empire & Thai Botanico situated opposite our club we are pleased to be able to offer you THE COMPLETE NIGHT OUT. Enjoy a 3 course meal with wine in one of our restaurants followed by a reservation in the VIP area at Magic Lounge Club where you will enjoy 1 bottle of spirit for every 4 people….all for only 50€ per person!

Complete Night With Our Restaurants
Complete Night With Our Restaurants

Drink Choice for Magic – 1 bottle for every 4 people

Vodka (Absolut 1l or Smirnoff 1l)Quantity
Gin (Gordons 1l, Beefeater 1l, Bombay Sapphire 70cl r Hendricks 70cl, Citadelle 70cl or Pink Masters 70cl)Quantity
Brandy (Veterano 1l)Quantity
Rum (Bacardi 1l)Quantity
Whisky (JW red 1l or Southern Comfort 1l)Quantity